Edward Petherbridge is an artist with the capacity to have one foot in the land of the ethereal and the other in a bucket of paint. Angels and clowns, aristocrats and commoners, Edward's rare gift is his embrace and identification with the lot of us. The world through Edward's eyes is a place I'd like to live in more often. Jude Kelly

Welcome to the official website of EDWARD PETHERBRIDGE, actor, writer and artist. 

Here you will find information about Edward’s long and distinguished career on stage and screen; his latest news; a gallery featuring his artwork; samples of his short films; writings of both a reflective and whimsical nature; and details of his compelling autobiographical anthology, Slim Chances and Unscheduled Appearances.

In the Merchandise section, you can purchase the audiobook of Slim Chances and signed copies of Edward's newly published 'NT 50' special edition. 

There is also a link to take you to Edward’s popular fortnightly blog. 


 Colour Potrait of Edward Petherbridge by Bronwen Sharp, 2011.


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